1)    Once you have been in touch with us and confirmed that you wish to secure your date, we will get some personal details and some information about your wedding. This allows us to create a profile and invoice for you.

2)    Your contract & invoice will be emailed to you for signing and arrangement

3)    In order to secure your date our booking fee should be paid within 48 hours after your invoice has been issued.

4)    We will contact you to confirm any payments received and will provide an updated invoice upon request. We also love having our couples keep in touch and letting us know what is happening on the day or even just asking questions or sharing inspiration for photos (they don’t have to be photography related) we are here to help you as we certainly understand how overwhelming wedding planning can be.

5)    4-12 weeks out from your wedding we will do your consultation. Consults are held in our home office or we can come to you at a convenient time. We get to hear about all your plans and put a schedule together for your day.

6)    4 weeks out from your day – Final payment of your invoice should be arranged.

7)    2 weeks out from your day – confirm any final details, any changes, final list of family photos or requests should be provided to include in your schedule.

8)    It’s your big day, enjoy the moment and have fun! It’s what we want to capture for you.

The Editing Process for Weddings

What happens after the wedding?...


Stage 1 (2hr) Facebook Sneak Peak so you can share your exciting news with the world

When we arrive back from your wedding we like to go through your images to provide a sneak peak on Facebook within 2-3 weeks. Please notify us if you do not wish to have this option, as we do honour and respect our client’s privacy.


Stage 2 (2 to 8hrs) Culling Process

We go through all your images taken from the day and take out the ones that are not fit for purpose -duplicates, eyes closed, wrong settings, blurry, etc. These images are not kept as they are not required. We do this culling process twice to make sure we have not missed anything that does not look ok. Also in the second stage we do colour adjustments and first stage editing which involves contrast, lighting, vibrancy, change of tones etc.


Stage 3: (2 hrs) Your Online Gallery (provided 4 weeks after the wedding)

We save all final images as low res JPG files and upload to an online gallery. These images are low resolution and watermarked. An email or message is sent to you with a link and password. This will allow you to view all of the files and make any of your package selections. We try to provide galleries to clients within 4 weeks of the wedding.


Stage 4 Getting your Order to us

Once you have your gallery, if you wedding package requires you to make a selection we need this ASAP to get started. Once your order has been submitted to us depending on how big it is and what our workload/work commitments (remembering we work full time as well) are like at the time will determine how long it takes for us to get your order back to you. We say to allow up to 16 weeks to get everything back to you from the time we receive your order.


 Stage 5 (20-45 hours) Editing your Order

We start stage two editing of your photos. This could involve making some more lighting or colour corrections, or applying high level editing where we think it is required. We will then also pick out the best images that may require skin smoothing, blemish removals etc. We do not do this for every single photo. We will also select a few images that will be edited in a way that we call art pieces, as they become feature pieces for you whether that’s for printing as a canvas or in an album etc. These could be adding extra adjustments to make your image pop, adding skies or backgrounds etc. Not every photo needs to be corrected or edited as we try to make sure our settings on our cameras are correct when we capture the images, which reduces our editing workload and your images represent the day as it should be.


Stage 6: Getting your order to you.

Your images are saved to USB. At this stage, we can either provide you with the USB files when they are ready or they can be saved for when the rest of your order is complete, if you have other items that need to be arranged. It is also at this time if you have any prints as part of your package they will be sent off to the lab. Turn around time for Enlargement prints is 5 Working Days.


Stage 7 (Album Designing):

Once your images are all finished and if your package has a wedding album we start the process of designing your album. This is done in house and when we have completed your design, we send you a proof so that you can approve it for print. We encourage our clients to have an input in this process and let us know their favourite photos by providing the file names of the images you love so we can make sure they are included in our design. Wedding album design takes about 2 weeks to complete with an 8 week print time from the supplier. If further changes or amendments are required, this process timeline will be delayed.