I Choose you...

In that very special moment you have chosen each other to become life partners. Let the fun times roll with planning the big day! But don't forget that capturing this very special moment, this very special unique opportunity.. is super important and also if your thinking of booking with us for your wedding day, it gives us both an opportunity to work together and create some magic and see how I work.

Engagement sessions are always tailored to my couples and your likes. Do you like to rustle in tall grass and hills and find a little unique shack to cosy up in, I know just the spots!! Or do you like to splash around in the water and get your feet a little sandy together, I know just the beach! Do you both enjoy heading out on your motorbikes and enjoying the revs of the engine, let's go! Do you enjoy being in the back paddock with your fur kids, let's include them! Whatever it is, if its important to you, it's important to me. I am always looking to make sure that your images are a representation of you both so you can share and enjoy.

Our Engagement Sessions start from $180.